Bubble Venture

Bubble Venture 1.2

Bubble Venture boasts the timeless appeal of such well-known games

Now that this same level of classic fun and excitement is available for Android operating systems, it is clear to see why it has become so very popular. The strategy is quite simple. The player will need to aim and shoot down bubbles on a screen; carefully calculating angles and distances.

The goal is to progress from level to level and much like similar versions, each scenario becomes increasingly more difficult. There are no less than 200 levels to beat, so players will be able to enjoy countless hours of entertainment.

Graphics and Strategy

The state-of-the-art graphics within Bubble Venture are highly entertaining. Bright colours and intricate backgrounds enable players of any age to enjoy what is in store. When a combination of three or more similar bubbles is matched, the explosions triggered are indeed impressive. A greater number of bubbles popped during a single shot will vastly increase one's score and allow for a quicker progression to the next level. As this is a timed game, strategy and timing are indeed important.

Multiple Items to Unlock

Although a keen eye and a nimble set of fingers will help any player, there are other special items that can be unlocked throughout the game. For example, special "fire" bubbles will destroy any nearby items within a short vicinity; key when no other matches can be found. These hidden bonuses will also add an extra element of fun during the match, for the player will not be entirely certain when they suddenly "pop" up.

Traditional and Extremely Engaging

Although the basic strategy behind Bubble Venture can be learned in a matter of minutes, it will take untold hours to become a skilled player. Each level is different and presents its own unique environment. As no two levels are ever alike, there is always something new and challenging around the corner. This game requires 13 megabytes of free space.

Bubble Venture


Bubble Venture 1.2

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